Defective Medical Devices Lawsuits in Chicago

When people go to a Chicago hospital, they expect the medical care and medical devices to be safe and reliable. When people receive care that causes difficulties to the patient or causes the patients to become injured or to die, they will proceed to contact a lawyer to handle the medical device lawsuit.

A Chicago medical malpractice attorney  can help innocent people get money when they are injured at no fault of their own. The lawyers will interview the patient or the patient’s family to get all of the details about the case. Take for example someone that suffers a stroke because of a faulty heart valve. The person goes into surgery with the expectation of being better after the surgery. The person is under the knife and the heart valve is inserted. Once inserted, the doctor will begin to do things to see if the valve is going to work. When the heart is pumping, the valve fails to work and the patient suffers a stroke. The stroke leaves the patient paralyzed on one side and unable to walk. The patient is unable to pay for long-term care or assistance at home. The family contacts a lawyer to see what they can do.

The lawyer will collect the information from the patient or patient’s family. He or she will then gather medical records with a signed consent from the patient or the family. The Injury lawyer will collect all of the information and then contact the insurance carrier for the hospital. The lawyer will make a suggestion of settling out of court. If the insurance accepts, the payment will be made to the patient or patient’s family. If the insurance rejects, the lawyer will make a counter offer. If the reject again, the lawyer will set a court date to proceed with the case in court. The lawyer will also do the same with the company that made the defective medical equipment or heart valve. The money that the lawyer wins for the patient will help the patient to receive the medical care he or she needs for the rest of their lives.

How Bankruptcy Provides a Fresh Start

bankruptcyIf someone asked you what Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney and Milton Hershey all had in common, you probably wouldn’t expect to hear that each of them declared bankruptcy before making it big. All to often people regard bankruptcy as a sign of failure and ruin, but this couldn’t be far from the truth. Rather, it is a legal way for people with promise to start over again with a fresh slate, and to allow them to walk away from their past while being all the wiser to proceed into the future.

Types of bankruptcy to file

There are three main types of bankruptcy to file depending on the unique needs of the individual(s). These include Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

Chapter 7 is what most people think of when they entertain the option of filing for bankruptcy. This is when the trustee sells off non-exempt assets belonging to the debtor so that debts can be repaid to the fullest max possible. Then the portion of the debt that can’t be repaid is discharged. However, only individuals can take advantage of the discharge, and not corporations or business partners. Furthermore, once a business files this type of bankruptcy, it is impossible for their business to continue to run.

Chapter 11 is for corporations or small businesses, and is generally very tricky to navigate. Filing this type allows the business to continue to run and provide a service to clients while maintaining ownership of the operations and assets while negotiating a plan to pay creditors. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005demands a 120-day time limit to come up with a recognized payment plan. If the business owner fails to submit a plan, the creditor may then submit one.

Chapter 12 is solely meant for farm owners. It is very similar to chapter 11 in that the debtor still owns and controls his assets and works out a payment plan. With a Chapter 12 the debtor can generally work out a 3-5 year payment plan, and some portion of the debt may be discharged depending on the farmer’s income. Weather is a huge factor for destroying crops and slowing down cycles—results that can financially strain and even devastate a farmer. Therefore, having some added leniency in the Chapter 12 that lacks in the corporate and traditional business option of Chapter 11 is a great breather.

Finding the right lawyer

When looking for a good bankruptcy lawyer in LA, there are many things you will want to include in your arsenal of criteria. For example, when searching online make sure the firm advertises as a bankruptcy specialist. Be sure to study the firm’s website to find out where the lawyer(s) went to school, how long they have been practicing within the field of bankruptcy law, and what the size of their staff is. You must also make sure that the lawyers you are hiring are certified by the American Board of Certification. Surprisingly, not all bankruptcy attorneys are. Having a certification truly attests to the fact that the lawyer is indeed a specialist in his or her field.

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Things You Can Do to Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Claim

It’s a known fact that more Social Security disability claims are denied than accepted each day. It’s a harsh reality, and an even harsher reality for people who need that financial support while they’re unable to work due to a debilitating disability. A lot of people think that once they apply for Social Security disability that they should just sit back and wait, which is not the case.

If you’re preparing to apply for Social Security disability, or have applied in the past with no success, you may be doing something wrong. There are some things you can do that could possibly help you win your claim if you do all of them, and they aren’t hard at all. If you’re interested in things you can do that better your chances of winning your Social Security disability claim, check out this article to learn more.

Hire a Lawyer

For your best chances of winning your Social Security disability claim, you should hire a disability attorney. Having a disability attorney on your side to fight for your rights as a Social Security disability claimant is absolutely imperative to winning your claim. After all, disability attorneys are the experts, and navigating through the world of Social Security disability on your own can be difficult.

You won’t have to shell out top dollar for a disability attorney to represent you, in fact in most cases the lawyer will only bill you if you win your claim. You won’t see any sort of hourly billing for paperwork or research, instead you’ll only see a lump sum to pay if you win your claim. You’ll have a much better shot at winning a claim with a disability attorney, so consult with one today and get moving on your claim.

Go to the Doctor Constantly

If you aren’t regularly seeing your doctor, the chances of you winning your Social Security disability claim drop dramatically. This is because the Social Security disability person who is reviewing your claim will be reviewing how often you go to the doctor, and if he or she sees a large gap than they might assume you don’t need the doctor, and are therefore healthy.

The treatments you receive from the doctor serve as your medical evidence, and the more evidence you have, the better. If you don’t have health insurance, it’s still imperative that you see the doctor regularly through drop-in free clinics or other ways. Going to the doctor means more medical evidence, meaning you’ll have a much better chance of winning your claim.

Do Everything On Time

The Social Security disability offices take deadlines very seriously, and if you miss one you may jeopardize your claim. Make sure you’re following all deadlines for your application and possible appeals, and contact a lawyer immediately if you miss a deadline.

If you miss a deadline, it’s still possible to win a claim, although it’s much more difficult. In many cases, you must be forced to start a new claim, which can be time consuming and exhausting. Instead, make sure you follow all deadlines, and you’ll have a much better shot at winning your claim.

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Dog Bite Injuries

Although a dog is usually considered to be man’s best friend, at times they can be anything but cute and cuddly. It’s a known fact, dogs bite. Sometimes they bite people. Because a dog can act out without any provocation, it is the dog owner’s who are solely responsible for their dog’s actions. Being attacked by a dog is a scary experience in itself, let alone the pain dand suffering the bite can cause. At times a person can suffer permanent injuries such as scaring due to a single dog bite. Many dog bite victims not only require immediate medical attention, but; they end up requiring future medical attention such as physical therapy or even corrective surgeries depending on where on the body they were bitten. There is no need to suffer in silence. There are lawyers who specialize in these types of cases.

Injury attorneys Chicago are on hand to provide victims of dog bites with legal advise regarding their rights and what they are entitled to as far as immediate and future compensation. Many are not aware of the costs to victims of dog bite injuries. The average cost of a stay in the hospital for such injuries is over $18,000. The laws in the state of Illinois continue to impose a strict liability against dog owner’s requiring them to pay all medical expenses in the event of an attack by their dog on another person. Under the Animal Control Act of Illinois, the owner of the animal in question must pay all medical expenses, pain and suffering and any disability claims as a result of such an attack, provided the victim can establish the following; the victim was allowed to be on the property where he/she was bitten at that time and the victim did act peaceably at the time of the attack and subsequent dog bite injury.

Because Chicago injury attorneys understand the laws completely regarding dog bite injuries, they will represent the victim of an attack by a dog to the best of their ability. These lawyers understand that often the victim of a dog bite is caused by one of their own friend or family members dog! There are rare instances where the dog owner is forced to pay the victim out of their own pocket. For the most part, injuries from dog bites is generally covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. That is good news for the victim who doesn’t really want to go after a friend or family member in the first place.