Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed from Flight 3407 Crash in New York

2 families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Colgan Air Inc., Bombardier Aerospace Corp., Pinnacle Airlines Corp., and Continental Airlines Inc. concerning flight 3407 which crashed early this year on 2/12 in New York State during a heavy snow storm.

The cause of the flight is still under investigation but a few theories have emerged. Ice on the wings is one plausible reason but the Captain of the flight and his experience in this plane is also questionable. Capt. Marvin D. Renslow had just finished training on this plane 2 months prior to the accident and had only amassed 110 hours of flight time with this type of aircraft. What stumps investigators is why the plane took a 26 second nosedive straight down in a very violent accident. As a result 46 persons were killed on this flight.