What To Do If You Are Injured At Work

what-to-do-if-you-are-injured-at-work1After the home, the workplace is one of the most common places for serious injury and harm to arise. In industrial, construction and manufacturing industries, for example, there are numerous dangers posed to the average worker throughout the day. Both short-term and long-term harm can arise from unsuitable working practices, or simply from being exposed to hazardous situations while at work. Even those in more sedate professions can suffer unexpected, avoidable injuries in the workplace. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all staff are given a safe, harm-free environment in which to work, and any failings in this regard could lead to liability for your injuries.

If you are injured at work, regardless of the severity, you may be entitled to seek redress for those injuries. If it can be shown that the responsibility for your injury lay with the employer, you may be entitled to damages in respect of your injuries. If you have sustained an injury at work, it is important that you follow a set process in order to ascertain whether redress may be available.

There are common law legal protections in place for those suffering from injuries at work. In order to build a case under common law, it is important to look at the incident, the causation, and whether there was any responsibility on the part of the employer. If you can establish the right criteria, it may be possible to claim compensation in respect of your injuries. An experienced law firm, like Brown & Theis, LLP, is an essential component to a successful action, and their expertise will be essential in piecing together a viable claim for damages.


In many cases, it may be possible to settle this type of claim without proceeding through the courts. While a court-based solution is the ultimate destination for this type of action, employers will often be willing to settle out of court, in order to avoid the hassle and expense of legal proceedings. This can also be a good way to secure the compensation you are rightfully due, without the stress, upheaval and expense an appearance in court may cause you.

Of course, you need to balance up any offer you receive with the likely outcome of a court case. There is no point in settling for a small amount now, if you are certain you will recoup a larger amount in court. Your attorney will be able to advise on whether you should accept an offer to settle, or whether you should proceed to court. This is ultimately your decision, however, and it is worth calculating the amount you are willing to accept to ensure you get just compensation for your injury.

Injuries at work can be devastating. Even seemingly minor injuries and illnesses occasioned through your employment can change your life. Compensation can be an important part of the healing process, and a vital element in recognizing the unacceptable upset and suffering this can cause. By following through the process to potentially have your day in court, injured employees can achieve the compensation they deserve, while helping shape safer working practices for future generations of employees.

Things You Can Do to Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Claim

It’s a known fact that more Social Security disability claims are denied than accepted each day. It’s a harsh reality, and an even harsher reality for people who need that financial support while they’re unable to work due to a debilitating disability. A lot of people think that once they apply for Social Security disability that they should just sit back and wait, which is not the case.

If you’re preparing to apply for Social Security disability, or have applied in the past with no success, you may be doing something wrong. There are some things you can do that could possibly help you win your claim if you do all of them, and they aren’t hard at all. If you’re interested in things you can do that better your chances of winning your Social Security disability claim, check out this article to learn more.

Hire a Lawyer

For your best chances of winning your Social Security disability claim, you should hire a disability attorney. Having a disability attorney on your side to fight for your rights as a Social Security disability claimant is absolutely imperative to winning your claim. After all, disability attorneys are the experts, and navigating through the world of Social Security disability on your own can be difficult.

You won’t have to shell out top dollar for a disability attorney to represent you, in fact in most cases the lawyer will only bill you if you win your claim. You won’t see any sort of hourly billing for paperwork or research, instead you’ll only see a lump sum to pay if you win your claim. You’ll have a much better shot at winning a claim with a disability attorney, so consult with one today and get moving on your claim.

Go to the Doctor Constantly

If you aren’t regularly seeing your doctor, the chances of you winning your Social Security disability claim drop dramatically. This is because the Social Security disability person who is reviewing your claim will be reviewing how often you go to the doctor, and if he or she sees a large gap than they might assume you don’t need the doctor, and are therefore healthy.

The treatments you receive from the doctor serve as your medical evidence, and the more evidence you have, the better. If you don’t have health insurance, it’s still imperative that you see the doctor regularly through drop-in free clinics or other ways. Going to the doctor means more medical evidence, meaning you’ll have a much better chance of winning your claim.

Do Everything On Time

The Social Security disability offices take deadlines very seriously, and if you miss one you may jeopardize your claim. Make sure you’re following all deadlines for your application and possible appeals, and contact a lawyer immediately if you miss a deadline.

If you miss a deadline, it’s still possible to win a claim, although it’s much more difficult. In many cases, you must be forced to start a new claim, which can be time consuming and exhausting. Instead, make sure you follow all deadlines, and you’ll have a much better shot at winning your claim.

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Dog Bite Injuries

Although a dog is usually considered to be man’s best friend, at times they can be anything but cute and cuddly. It’s a known fact, dogs bite. Sometimes they bite people. Because a dog can act out without any provocation, it is the dog owner’s who are solely responsible for their dog’s actions. Being attacked by a dog is a scary experience in itself, let alone the pain dand suffering the bite can cause. At times a person can suffer permanent injuries such as scaring due to a single dog bite. Many dog bite victims not only require immediate medical attention, but; they end up requiring future medical attention such as physical therapy or even corrective surgeries depending on where on the body they were bitten. There is no need to suffer in silence. There are lawyers who specialize in these types of cases.

Injury attorneys Chicago are on hand to provide victims of dog bites with legal advise regarding their rights and what they are entitled to as far as immediate and future compensation. Many are not aware of the costs to victims of dog bite injuries. The average cost of a stay in the hospital for such injuries is over $18,000. The laws in the state of Illinois continue to impose a strict liability against dog owner’s requiring them to pay all medical expenses in the event of an attack by their dog on another person. Under the Animal Control Act of Illinois, the owner of the animal in question must pay all medical expenses, pain and suffering and any disability claims as a result of such an attack, provided the victim can establish the following; the victim was allowed to be on the property where he/she was bitten at that time and the victim did act peaceably at the time of the attack and subsequent dog bite injury.

Because Chicago injury attorneys understand the laws completely regarding dog bite injuries, they will represent the victim of an attack by a dog to the best of their ability. These lawyers understand that often the victim of a dog bite is caused by one of their own friend or family members dog! There are rare instances where the dog owner is forced to pay the victim out of their own pocket. For the most part, injuries from dog bites is generally covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. That is good news for the victim who doesn’t really want to go after a friend or family member in the first place.

Medical Malpractice Epidemic

One of the worst problems facing America is medical malpractice. Nowadays, there aremedical-malpractice more cases of medical malpractice in the United States, but what exactly is medical malpractice? Well, medical malpractice is when health care providers and professionals neglect a patient by not giving them adequate care; this usually happens when a doctor doesn’t follow the recommendations and standards set by the medical community. Medical malpractice can cause a patient to suffer from devastating consequences, and in the worst case scenarios, a patient who has been a victim of medical malpractice can die.

Each year, there is an estimated 195,000 people who die of medical malpractice in the United States. The majority of deaths from medical malpractice occur in a hospital setting, and another statistic says that 1.4 million incidents of medical malpractice occur out of 34 million hospital stays.

Medical malpractice leads to devastating consequences. One of the consequences of medical malpractice is injury. Patients who suffer from medical negligence could develop injuries that could end up costing thousands of dollars to treat. Another consequence of medical malpractice is an increase in medical bills. And in the worst cases of medical malpractice, the victim can die.

One example of medical malpractice is an anesthesia error. During surgery, if a doctor cannot administer the anesthesia correctly, he or she places the patient at greater risk of complications. Another example of medical malpractice is failure to diagnose cancer. If a patient tells a doctor that they have a mysterious lump and the doctor fails to perform the right tests, then the doctor committed medical malpractice. Both these cases are eligible for financial compensation.

People who are the victims of this type of negligence can seek the guidance of a qualified medical malpractice lawyer. Medical malpractice lawyers have the experience and knowledge that is needed to tackle this type of claim; plus they will help assess your situation. Victims of this type of negligence are entitled to monetary compensation for their losses because of the damage that it causes. Individuals who have been the victims of medical malpractice can lessen the burden by filing a claim.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

You or a family member just suffered an injury. It’s an incredibly difficult, emotional time for everybody involved. It may be some time before you start thinking about compensation for your injury, but when you do, you need to make sure you choose the right lawyer. Sometimes, in a rush of emotions, you can jump on with the first lawyer who shows you a bit of compassion and seems to be on your side. It’s important that you don’t rush choosing a lawyer and make sure that when you finally do decide, this person is the right choice for you.
You’ll likely have a huge variety of personal injury lawyers  to choose from when you finally decide to seek compensation for your injury. You need to make sure you choose the right one. Take the time to meet with a few different lawyers before you make a decision about who is going to represent you.

The main thing to consider when choosing a lawyer is making sure you can trust this person. When you first meet with your lawyer, do they actually feel compassionate towards you, or do you think they just see you as a giant dollar sign? If it’s the former, you may be in good hands. If it’s the latter, get out of there quick! Having a trustworthy and compassionate lawyer could be the difference between getting compensated for your injury, or being left to pay for your own medical bills and expenses.

Is your lawyer going to be prepared? You’d better hope so. You don’t want to think you’ve found a great lawyer, only to find out down the road that they’ve spent 20 minutes preparing for your case. It’s very important to read testimonials about the lawyer you want to choose, and not just from there website. Google search his or her name and you should be able to find out what past clients have said. If you’re seeing more negative than positive, you should better start looking for a different lawyer, or be prepared to pay your own medical bills.

Perhaps one of the best ways to find a good lawyer is asking around. Chances are you know somebody who has had to use a lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit. Ask your friend what they liked, and more importantly, what they didn’t like about their lawyer. Just because your friend may have had good luck with a certain lawyer doesn’t mean that this lawyer is a good fit for you, so make sure you don’t agree to representation just because your friend had success with them. Take the time to meet their lawyer to make sure this is the person you want to represent you.

And lastly, make sure you don’t just call the first personal injury lawyer commercial you see on late night television! Who knows, maybe one of these lawyers is actually a good fit for you, but to be sure you really need to explore your options. There are a lot of good lawyers out there, but there are a lot of bad ones too. The last thing you need during this emotional time is a lawyer who takes advantage of you. Do your research, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Elderly Care and Negligence

Comedian Joe E. Louis had a mantra he used in his “standup” days: “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Many members of the “baby boomer” generation reaching retirement age don’t even concern themselves with how they will be able to afford nursing home care, if needed. With the average cost in this country pushing $5,000 per month most son’s and daughter’s of elderly parents would rather oversee their parents care at home if they could; however the reality is today’s modern living often precludes this option.

Dallas Elder Law for estate planing

Detecting, addressing and preventing elder abuse in residential nursing home care facilities is of major concern. And in recent years, since it is the fastest growing form of senior housing, abuse and neglect and complaints in many of these facilities has run rampant even though nursing home care remains the preference of the elderly and their families as well. A recent national study showed over 50,000 residential facilities in the USA housing a mainly elderly population. On top of that statistic, nobody knows for sure how many unlicensed homes offer a mixed population of poor older persons and others with mental illness who can barely survive by themselves.

Contact a Dallas Elder Law Lawyer if you have legal needs.

A lot of the neglect and abuse conundrum can be laid at the feet of the federal government who do not license residential nursing home facilities; ergo, it is up to the individual states to process, detect, investigate, resolve, and ultimately prevent elder abuse. Many of the nursing home facilities are owned by for-profit corporations. In order to maximize profits, they drastically cut back on staff or hire less competent workers at low salaries to decrease costs. That said the elderly tenants are not getting the attention they require. Therefore, neglect, abuse, and inadequate treatment fester, and become a monolithic and ongoing problem. It happens more often than most people think when considering nursing home abuse of the elderly. It’s usually summed up in one familiar word used by the legal profession: Negligence! Family members should always look for the “red flags.”


Some people seek to vehemently quantify the difference between a catastrophic personal injury and a regular one and if we’re being honest, some differences DO exist. However, in the eyes of the law it cannot be suggested that those injuries that are not necessarily catastrophic are without the capacity to deserve substantial compensation.  Regardless of the scope of your personal injury, you can attain financial recovery once there is merit in its genesis and once you and your lawyer handle the situation thoroughly and professionally from the get go. More important than trying to quantify how serious your injury is, is the importance of securing quality legal representation especially in those cases when the injury requires extensive and costly treatment that you may not be able to afford. Some injuries require significant medical treatment and may often have long-term or even permanent effects on an injured party’s life.

In the case of a catastrophic injury, sound medical attention can assist the injured party to achieving good or even excellent recovery. Whatever the way coin lands in the fate of how serious or not serious your injury is, without the aid of legal representation, you may find yourself struggling to shoulder the burden of treatment on your own and many people simply cannot do this. We’ve compiled a list of key things that you need to do to protect yourself from the pitfalls of personal injury. Of course, there are certain things you can do on your own to prevent injury all together, but life happens and many injuries are the result of accidents or negligence on someone else’s part. Without any further ado, onto our tips:

1.     We’ve already discussed the importance of seeking quality legal representation. In today’s technology driven world, it is in your best interest to use the tools and resources around you not only to find a good legal representative but to also check their reputation and standing with the bar association. Nothing about building your case will be easy, not even hiring a lawyer, but it will go significantly more smoothly when you take the time to do some research. If you find a lawyer, look at the quality of his/her website (as he/she should have one) and see how much information he’s/she’s put on there. A good example of a site and a lawyer with whom you should aspire to liaise is GlenLernerChicago.com We’re not saying that all websites should look like this, but you need to have a gauge when you’re shopping around.

2.     In the time prior to and leading up to your hearing, it is very important that you document everything. Save every bill, every piece of correspondence and any journal your progress or lack thereof. One thing that can sink a case no matter how great and talented the legal representation is the absence of supportive evidence to a claim. You can’t say that X was expensive and not have a bill for X to prove said expense. Keep documents and originals safe and make copies of everything too!