DUI Laws

dui accidentWhenever a person has a criminal problem and has to go to court, it is best to have an attorney go with you. A lot of things that take place in a courtroom; the average person does not know how to handle, or what to expect. For example if you get arrested for DUI, trying to represent yourself in court for the charge would not be smart. The smart move would be to take a DUI lawyer with you.

No matter what type of criminal problem you have, big or small it is always best to have a lawyer present with you. There are a lot of different reasons why, let’s examine some of the most common ones first.

First of all, an attorney is there to make sure you do not get taken advantage of. If it is a criminal matter the State will be represented by an attorney who is commonly referred to as the Deputy Attorney General. They are lawyers who specialize in prosecuting defendants,  not having your own lawyer to represent you would increase the odds of a guilty verdict.

Secondly, because your attorney is going to know the law better than you and know the judges better than you, they will be able to advise you on whether or not the State has a strong case or whether you should take a plea bargain. He experience will guide you through the legal system and he will have a better idea of what chance you have. You do not want to take chances when it comes to something like serious criminal charges.

Another reason you want to have a lawyer present is because the lawyer knows the court system. He lives and breathes in this environment and understands what goes on in the system. The lawyer’s livelihood is dependent on knowing what to do and how to handle different types of cases.

If you are looking at a DUI charge you will need a DUI lawyer, plain and simple. DUI cases are hard to defend and they are hard to win if you are the defendant. One of the key elements is requesting discovery paperwork, and more than likely the average person would not know how to request discovery or why to request discovery.

There is no guarantee that if you hire a lawyer you will be found innocent of your criminal charges, but one thing is for certain you stand a better chance with a lawyer.