Why you need a divorce lawyer when your marriage is over

When we marry, we want to believe that it is happily ever after. The reality is that that is balance-weighing-scalesnot always the case. People change, situations change and sometimes a divorce is the only way to move forward with your life. But, some people try to get divorced without a lawyer thinking it just doesn’t matter, or they simply want out of the situation at all cost as quickly as humanly possible.

These are very short cited thoughts that can cost you dearly if you don’t think this through. In Texas, we are a community property state and as such all property and money acquired after the marriage is divided in 2(reference Dallas family law). While that might seem like a simple division of property, one has to consider IRAs, 401K’s, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, saving accounts, property… It can become quite overwhelming.  So using someone like a Plano divorce Attorney is a great idea. That way you can make sure the division of all property and investments is equally done. 

If you have children that adds a whole other wrinkle to the problem. Custody has to be decided and assuming it is joint custody the days have to be divided as well as the weekends, holidays and Summers. Child support also has to be arranged for the child/ children for who ever is the primary parent. Even if the custody is split down the middle. This Lewisville divorce attorney can make sure this is done right. Trying to figure it out on your own can be a huge and costly mistake. It is much more difficult to undo a legal agreement after it has been signed by a judge than it is to get it done right the first time round. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get by without a lawyer.

You may also need a counselor  to help recover from your divorce. Visit themontfortgroup.com for more information.