Defective Medical Devices Lawsuits in Chicago

When people go to a Chicago hospital, they expect the medical care and medical devices to be safe and reliable. When people receive care that causes difficulties to the patient or causes the patients to become injured or to die, they will proceed to contact a lawyer to handle the medical device lawsuit.

A Chicago medical malpractice attorney  can help innocent people get money when they are injured at no fault of their own. The lawyers will interview the patient or the patient’s family to get all of the details about the case. Take for example someone that suffers a stroke because of a faulty heart valve. The person goes into surgery with the expectation of being better after the surgery. The person is under the knife and the heart valve is inserted. Once inserted, the doctor will begin to do things to see if the valve is going to work. When the heart is pumping, the valve fails to work and the patient suffers a stroke. The stroke leaves the patient paralyzed on one side and unable to walk. The patient is unable to pay for long-term care or assistance at home. The family contacts a lawyer to see what they can do.

The lawyer will collect the information from the patient or patient’s family. He or she will then gather medical records with a signed consent from the patient or the family. The Injury lawyer will collect all of the information and then contact the insurance carrier for the hospital. The lawyer will make a suggestion of settling out of court. If the insurance accepts, the payment will be made to the patient or patient’s family. If the insurance rejects, the lawyer will make a counter offer. If the reject again, the lawyer will set a court date to proceed with the case in court. The lawyer will also do the same with the company that made the defective medical equipment or heart valve. The money that the lawyer wins for the patient will help the patient to receive the medical care he or she needs for the rest of their lives.