Dog Bite Injuries

Although a dog is usually considered to be man’s best friend, at times they can be anything but cute and cuddly. It’s a known fact, dogs bite. Sometimes they bite people. Because a dog can act out without any provocation, it is the dog owner’s who are solely responsible for their dog’s actions. Being attacked by a dog is a scary experience in itself, let alone the pain dand suffering the bite can cause. At times a person can suffer permanent injuries such as scaring due to a single dog bite. Many dog bite victims not only require immediate medical attention, but; they end up requiring future medical attention such as physical therapy or even corrective surgeries depending on where on the body they were bitten. There is no need to suffer in silence. There are lawyers who specialize in these types of cases.

Injury attorneys Chicago are on hand to provide victims of dog bites with legal advise regarding their rights and what they are entitled to as far as immediate and future compensation. Many are not aware of the costs to victims of dog bite injuries. The average cost of a stay in the hospital for such injuries is over $18,000. The laws in the state of Illinois continue to impose a strict liability against dog owner’s requiring them to pay all medical expenses in the event of an attack by their dog on another person. Under the Animal Control Act of Illinois, the owner of the animal in question must pay all medical expenses, pain and suffering and any disability claims as a result of such an attack, provided the victim can establish the following; the victim was allowed to be on the property where he/she was bitten at that time and the victim did act peaceably at the time of the attack and subsequent dog bite injury.

Because Chicago injury attorneys¬†understand the laws completely regarding dog bite injuries, they will represent the victim of an attack by a dog to the best of their ability. These lawyers understand that often the victim of a dog bite is caused by one of their own friend or family members dog! There are rare instances where the dog owner is forced to pay the victim out of their own pocket. For the most part, injuries from dog bites is generally covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. That is good news for the victim who doesn’t really want to go after a friend or family member in the first place.