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The Green Thumb Chronicles. Adventures in Gardening

Ever thought of digging up the dirt to create your own green oasis. If you're looking for paradise, gardening may be it. The world is not all sunshine and roses. There are some twists and turn, similar to navigating a blindfolded maze. The fun is in the twists and turns. Read more now on Lubie Dom

Imagine that you are waking up to a sunny, Saturday morning. You have a warm cup of fresh coffee at hand. The garden beckons you like a familiar friend. First stop, the garden. The veggie garden. Tomatoes hang heavy on vines, calling out to be harvested. Salad lovers can enjoy a similar experience to Christmas.

Now, let's get to the soil. Think of soil as the foundation to your home. If it is shoddy, all else will crumble. Good soil is dark, crumbly like chocolate (but don’t eat!). Regularly add compost - black gold is it for plants.

Ever heard of "companion planting"? It's almost like a matchmaking service for plants. Some plants love each others company and grow more efficiently together. In the garden, basil and tomato are BFFs. But beware. Keep these enemies apart.

Also, watering can be tricky. Too much water? Plants drown quicker than you can say “overwatering.” Too little? The sun will make them shrivel. Find that sweet spot in which they're as happy and content as clams.

Pests! The pests that eat up your hard-earned work can make you go insane. Aphids, caterpillars, and slugs are all uninvited guests to a party that will stay until they have eaten the entire spread. Natural remedies can work wonders. Try neem, or invite ladybugs to feed on the aphids.

Throw a party in honor of pollinators. Bees are also invited to garden parties as VIP guests because they contribute to the flowering and setting of fruits. This is why planting flowers like sunflowers or lavender will help these winged marvels feel welcome.

Another option is pruning. This sounds like a fancy word, but what it really means is giving your plants a trim so that they don't become wild beasts and take over your yard. Snip dead or overgrown trees to keep everything tidy and promote growth.

My neighbor Bob had a spectacular failure last summer. He planted pumpkins, without knowing how much space each one needed. His backyard became a jungle of pumpkins! Never forget to check plant spacing guidelines unless the goal is for you to star in "Gardening Gone Wild."

When you are unable to go outside on a rainy day, pick up some gardening guides or videos for tips and inspiration from your fellow green fingers around the world.

Gardening can be therapeutic, and the benefits go beyond the aesthetics. It is not only about fresh produce or beautiful flowers. It teaches patience since nothing happens overnight, except weeds that sprout where they're not wanted!

Don't forget to consider indoor gardening. This is a great idea if your outdoor space is limited or you live in an area with a less than ideal climate for most of the years (look out, perpetually cloudy people). Herbs planted on windowsills are a great way to bring fresh flavors into the kitchen while purifying your air.

Last but not least, remember that mistakes are inevitable. Don't get too upset about them. Every gardener can tell a story of woes and triumphs. ).

Grab your gloves & trowel and get ready for adventure! Happy planting, everyone!

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